About Us Here at Changing Links

About us

The web is a continuous popularity contest. We help the best people, stories, analysis and news items rise to the top by doing these things.

1. Find Good Content

We use technology and human editors to find the best news and people on the web. Changing Links publishes stories that highlight the best stuff emerging from the internet popularity contest. Find your new favorite thing on Changing Links.

2. Promote Great Sites

We strive to send as many clicks as possible to the bloggers, journalists, and fans who are creating news, driving the conversation, and making the web interesting. And we pay special attention to quality sites who join our network by referencing our content via hyperlinks and mentions.

3. Advertising

We developed a new form of promotion designed for the new networked world where consumers and readers have the power. Instead of press releases and stereotypical ad copy, we work with partners to accentuate the voice of the most interesting fans, journalists, and news makers.

Editorial Policy

We feature news and articles chosen by our editors. The majority of content on the site is purely editorial, however we may also periodically track a product on behalf of a client. You can tell it apart from purely editorial headlines by the tags used.

Either way, we refuse to link to any news source that takes money in exchange for writing positive comments. Our aim is to gather authentic content which captures what real people are saying about the things they find most interesting.

People We Like

Here are some, mostly contributors, we'd like to give a shout out to. Check out their profiles for more info.

Drew Brown

Drew feels that "if everyone would just talk it out, everything would be okay!"

Richard Swords

"Richie" as we like to call him is the "go to" guy for all issues to do with WordPress. He is a true expert in the online platform and bails us out whenever there's a glitch or we need a new capability. Thanks Richie.

Mark Higdon

What can you see about Marky that hasn't been already said? A real livewire, who manages to keep everyone entertained (on most days anyway). Somehow he manages to administer the databases and do a few other things when called upon.

Dan Darrow

Dan is a financial whiz who can set up new contracts and invoicing systems quick as a flash while also handling all the finances and accounting. If you ever find his freelancing services available, he can handle just about anything financial.