What is Market Expansion?

Market Expansion is the effort to expose a web site to viewers who are not like the regular viewers of a site. Web site owners design and run marketing campaigns to get broader exposure for their site. Market expansion helps expose a web site to new customers and viewers.

How does it work?

Unlike other link and banner exchanges ChangingLINKS.com does not rob the web site owners of viewers. Instead it multiplies them and distributes evenly among member sites!

1. Viewers come to ChangingLINKS.com.
2. Viewers usually look at 5 web sites.

ChangingLINKS.com automatically sends visitors to random sites so that all web sites in our exclusive network share traffic. Because visitors usually visit five links, ChangingLINKS.com is able to multiply the traffic it receives. And because we use a random code, viewers are evenly distributed to member sites.

The most valuable feature of your web site – are the viewers. Without viewers, your web site is just a bunch of files on a server. ChangingLINKS.com is an entertaining link exchange.

What are the benefits?

  1. Ensures that you get viewers from every corner of the Internet
  2. It’s a simple, reliable, hassle free way to get get the traffic that you desire
  3. Surprisingly simple solution to many online marketing problems.
  4. Introduce your web site to your future target market
  5. Your site will receive residual traffic
  6. Most links are added to web pages and left there for years
  7. Text links usually get a higher click through than banner ads
  8. Exchanging links is the most cost effective method of promotion
  9. Exchanging links gets immediate results
  10. It is not necessary to re-submit your web site to the web site partner

What does it cost?

We have been unable to find sites that offer “market expansion” to web sites. However, you can pay sites like www.tips-n-traffic.com between $11.25 – $2,250 for some untargeted advertising. While you could join banner exchanges to try to attract new viewers, the number of viewers you get from banner exchanges is very low and it is not cost effective. ChangingLINKS.com is the first site (prior to 2000) to offer market expansion.